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Gluten Free Options from Jaybear

Jaybear Bake shop is Proud to offer a variety of Specialty sweets to meet all your special dietary needs:

Gluten Free  |  Sugar-Free  |  Keto

Gluten Free Items

Our Gluten Free items contain no gluten. This refers to the proteins in cereal grains, such as wheat, barley and rye. We strive to use the highest quality chocolate we can as these products use only a few simple ingredients and all of them are naturally gluten-free. (cacao beans, cocoa butter and sugar)

We are also working hard to expand our gluten-free menu from our delicious Gluten free chocolate cupcake to other cupcake flavors and cookies, as well. Currently, the gluten-free cupcake flavors that we offer are: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla & all icing is gluten free. Stay tuned for more updates as we are working to add cookies & bars.

Keto Options

Our Bear-crew Bakers are working hard on more Keto Options by creating a new ketogenic inspired menu with several innovative treats. The Keto cookies we have available are peanut butter & coconut. We already have a Keto Pound Cake and cheesecake in the works but our goal is to service our customers with many options as possible to suit their dietary needs. In keeping with the plan of keto; we will offer options that provide this alternative source of fuel for the body focusing tapping in when the glucose levels are low. The fewer carbs we use the better off you will be!

Sugar-Free Options

Sugar-Free is better termed “sugar alternative” but we have plenty of special options just for you. We have experience in making diabetic friendly cakes and cookies for years. We specialize in using alternative options such as Honey, Splenda, Agave etc.

Please let us know which options work best for you as it would be our joy to help make your life that much sweeter.

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